Gatschkopf over the Memminger Hut

The 2945 m high Gatschkopf is the fourth highest peak of the Lechtal Alps. The mountain lies about 12 km southeast of Bach in the Lech valley. Due to the height of the Gatschkopf, the view of the surrounding peaks and the Tyrolean Inn Valley is excellent. The location in the southern area of the Lechtal Alps makes a climb from the Lechtal very time-consuming. Nevertheless we started our tour in Parseiertal at the parking lot Memminger Hütte. From there a marked mountain path leads to the Memminger Hütte. Afterwards, the path continues in a south-easterly direction to the 2585 m high path embrasure. We are now already on the well-known Spiehlerweg, which was named after a well-known former alpinist. After crossing the 2585 m high embrasure, the trail descends in steep rocky terrain with rope insurance in places for about 100 meters. Afterwards the path leads in the direction of the central ridge, which is crossed over the Parseierjoch, which has partial rope insurance. After crossing the (former) patrol serpent, the ascent to the Patrol Gap follows. The ascent takes place along steep rock walls in relatively loose rock (danger of falling rocks!) and is certainly the most difficult part of the tour. Numerous places are insured with ropes. Special care should be taken due to the northern orientation, as icing and snow fields are not uncommon even in summer. Arrived on the Patrol Gorge, the summit of the Gatschkopf is already in sight and only a few minutes' walk away. After an extensive rest at the summit, we returned to the Lech valley along the same route. It took us almost six hours to get from the parking lot Memminger Hütte to the Gatschkopf. Alternatively, there are shorter and easier ascents to the Gatschkopf from the south. The Augsburger Hütte to the south is a suitable base for this. From the Ansbacher Hütte, the Gatschkopf can be reached via the extremely demanding and long Augsburg high trail. The Parseierspitze, the highest peak in the Lechtal Alps, is in the immediate vicinity of the Gatschkopf and another worthwhile peak in the immediate vicinity. Alpine experience, sure-footedness and no fear of heights are a matter of course on this tour. (Photos: Laura Kerber)

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