Lechtaler Höhenweg: from the Leutkircher Hütte to the Kaiserjochhaus

The tour from the Leutkircher Hütte to the Kaiserjochhaus is the second stage of the Lechtaler Höhenweg. This stage is characterised by fabulous views of the Verwall mountains opposite. The Hohe Riffler, which at 3168 m is also the highest peak, comes into its own. Unfortunately the fog was very dense during our tour and the panorama was not granted us thereby. From the Leutkircher Hütte the path leads immediately in a constant gradient to the east. The path leads in the slopes below the Stanskogel to a saddle between the Bergleskopf and the Schindlekopfes. After crossing the saddle the trail leads down the mountain in a few serpentines and after a few hundred metres another ascent to the 2396 m high Kaiserkopf follows. After crossing the Kaiserkopf, the Kaiserjochhaus, which is also the stage destination, can already be seen. The Kaiserjochhaus is situated at an altitude of 2310 m in a depression on the Kaiserjoch of the same name. With almost two hours walking time, this stage is one of the shortest on the Lechtal high-level trail. The Kaiserjochhaus is open from July to the end of September and offers over 60 beds in rooms and camps. Along this stage you have the opportunity to climb up to the 2757 m high Stanskogel. The ascent to the famous vantage point takes about an hour. (Tour from August 25, 2016)

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