Lechtaler Höhenweg: from the Stuttgarter Hütte to the Leutkircher Hütte

The Lechtaler Höhenweg starts at the 2308 m high Stuttgarter Hütte. A few metres after the Stuttgarter Hütte you have to decide whether you choose the southern or the northern variant of the Lechtaler Höhenweg. The northern variant leads directly to the Leutkircher Hütte. The southern variant leads via the Robert Bosch Path to the Ulmer Hütte and then on to the Leutkircher Hütte. We decided for the northern variant and immediately walked up to the Erlijoch. At 2430 m, the Erlijoch is also the highest point of this stage. Afterwards the trail leads down over uneven slopes into the Fanggekar to the Erlachalpe. Below the Erlachalpe one crosses the stream and crosses steep and earthy flanks via the Stapfetobel Climb. After crossing this point you reach the Fallersteißböden and above the Almajurjoch the Leutkircher Hütte. It took us about three and a half hours on this version. The 2251 m high Leutkircher Hütte is managed and there are overnight accommodations. In case of ice, snow or wetness, the stepfetobel can become unpleasant. In this case you can descend from the Erlachalpe to the Bodenalpe and then take the normal path to the Leutkircher Hütte. (Tour from August 25, 2016)

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