Lechtaler Höhenweg: from Zürs to the Stuttgarter Hütte

The first part of our ascent of the Lechtaler Höhenweg begins at 1717 m in the winter sports resort Zürs and leads from there to the Stuttgarter Hütte. The Stuttgarter Hütte is the westernmost hut of the Lechtaler Höhenweg and is located about three kilometres northeast of the starting point. During the summer, the starting point is deserted, as most hotels are closed. Public parking spaces are located on the southern edge of Zürs along the main road. The first signs pointing the way to the Stuttgarter Hütte are not far from the parking lots near the buildings on the outskirts of the village. After crossing the Zürser Bach you follow a goods path that leads up the mountain along the ski slope. After a few bends you reach the Trittalpe and follow the goods road in the direction of the Pazüeltal. The Pazüeltal is a high valley above Zürs. A few metres before the Pazüelalm, the path to the Stuttgarter Hütte branches off to the left. At this point a narrow path begins, which immediately crosses the Pazüelbach. Then ascend along the northern side of the valley in the direction of the Krabachjoch. On the Krabachjoch is the 2308 m high Stuttgarter Hütte, which is then also the actual starting point of the Lechtaler Höhenweg. All in all, it took us almost two hours to climb the Stuttgarter Hütte and the difference in altitude to the starting point of Zürs is about 600 metres. The Stuttgart hut is open during the summer and you can stay overnight at the hut. Alternatively, you can reach the Stuttgarter Hütte from Steeg via the Krabachtal, from the top station of the Rüfikopfbahn or from the top station of the Vallugabahn. (Tour from August 25, 2016)

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