Mountain tour to the Klimmspitze

The 2464 m high Klimmspitze describes a mountain of the Allgäu Alps. Despite a marked path and a relatively easy ascent, the summit is rarely visited. The massive summit construction is already visible from far away coming from Reutte. The mountain lies at the mouth of the Hornbach valley and is the first peak of the Hornbach chain, a tributary of the Allgäu Alps. The tour along the normal route starts in Klimm/Elmen at the bridge over the Lech. Some free parking spaces are available here. The ascent takes place along a marked path in large parts through a huge mountain pine field. At an advanced height, the mountain pines become lighter and the rough or rocky terrain begins. The summit offers excellent views of the lower Lech valley. You must be sure-footed and free from vertigo in order to climb. The path is now intergrown and in some places difficult to recognize. (Photos: Laura Kerber)

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