Mountain tour on the Säuling near Pflach

The Säuling describes a 2048 m high peak in the Ammergau Alps. The mountain is located near Pflach/Reutte on the German-Austrian border. Characteristic for the column is the pyramid-shaped shape, which can be seen from afar. The Säuling is particularly distinguished for its first-class views of Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau and the Allgäu Lake District. The ascent can be from the south as well as from the north. The easier of the two is the southern route. The northern route starts at Hohenschwangau and leads via the Wildsulzhütte to the top of the column. The southern route on the Säuling starts in Pflach near Reutte/Austria. From there the path leads over the Saeulinghaus to the summit. In the upper part of the column some places are insured with ropes. Climbing is relatively easy, but experience and qualifications should be available. The 1702 m high Säulinghaus offers itself as a refreshment stop and overnight accommodation in the surroundings of the column. (Photos by Laura Kerber)

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