Mountain tour Rothornspitze and Jöchelspitze, Allgäu Alps

Photos from the mountain tour from Benglerwald (valley station Lechtaler Bergbahnen) to the Rothornspitze, 2393 m in the Allgäu Alps. There is no marked path to the Rothornspitze and therefore very little foot traffic. From the Rothornjoch to the summit, the tour took place in pathless terrain along the southern ridge. (pathless, very steep grassland, rocks in places, surefootedness required)

Afterwards, you can climb the neighbouring Jöchelspitze with little extra time. (from Rothornjoch 15 - 30 minutes, approx. 10100 vertical meters)

The descent from Jöchelspitze was along the normal route.

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