Mountain tour to the Rotwand, 2262 m, Allgäu Alps

Photos from the mountain tour from Elbigenalp to the Rotwand and on via the Hermann von Barth hut back to Elbigenalp.


The tour starts at the Geierwally parking lot in the centre of Elbigenalp. Along a forest road you reach the Kasermandl (snack station currently closed!) and on to the bottom station of the material cableway of the Hermann-von-Barthhütte. Here begins a marked path that leads along the western flank to the Rotwand. The last part before the summit of the Rotwand requires climbing in the first degree of difficulty. (Rope insured)

The tour continues along the Enzensberger Weg to the Hermann-von-Barthütte, which is entered at nearby Balschte-Sattel. From Balschtesattel the Enzensberger Weg runs without any great ascents or descents to the Hermann-von-Barthhütte in just under 1.5 hours.

From the Hermann-von-Barthhütte you can descend in 2.5 hours via the normal route or in 3 hours via the Bernhardstal to Elbigenalp. Stations


Elbigenalp - Kasermandl - valley station material cable car - Söllnerhütte hunting lodge - Rotwand - Balschtesattel - Enzensberger Weg - Hermann-von-Barthhütte - Bernhardstal - Gibler Alm - Elbigenalp

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