Photos of Fallenbach Lake, 2050 m

The Fallenbach Lake is a 2050 m high mountain lake in the area of the Holzgauer Wetterspitze in the Lechtal Alps. Below the clear water lies an imposing waterfall with an estimated height of 120 m. Some of the highest peaks in the Lechtal Alps lie in the vicinity of Fallenbach Lake, including the Holzgauer Wetterspitze, the Feuerspitze and the Vorderseespitze in the vicinity of the lake. The easiest way to reach Fallenbacher See from Bach in Lechtal via Baumgartalpe. The first section leads over the Almweg through the natural Grießltal to the Baumgartalpe. The Almweg flows about 500 m after the Baumgartalpe and a narrow path begins. The further course of the ascent leads up to Fallenbach Lake in the ubiquitous rush of the waterfall along the right flank of the valley. The trail runs partly in sloping or earthy terrain and should therefore only be walked on in dry weather. Some places are temporarily insured with ropes. surefootedness required.

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