Spring tour to Jöchelspitze

Jöchelspitze is a 2226 m high peak of the Allgäu Alps and lies near Bach in the Lech Valley. The mountain stands out for the great views into the lower situated upper Lechtal. Climbing the grassy mountain is relatively easy and is also suitable for less experienced climbers.

Increase of Holzgau: From Holzgau a marked trail leads over the Schiggen and Windegg to Jöchelspitze. The ascent takes place in constant gradient and an average climber needs approx. 2-3 hours for the 1100 vertical meters.

h3>Rise of Bach: The ascent from Bach starts at the valley station of the Lechtaler Bergbahnen in the Benglerwald district. From there you follow the cable car on a marked path to the top station and then a path leads up to the Jöchelspitze. During the operating hours of the Lechtal mountain railways, these can be used as a climbing aid. The ascent from Bach takes about 2-3 hours.

Rise of Elbigenalp: From Elbigenalp you walk along a goods road in the direction of the Gibler Alm and on to the 1810 m high Bernhardseck huts. From there, follow the Lechtal Panormaweg or the Alpenrosensteig towards the summit of the Jöchelspitze. An average climber needs about 3-4 hours from Elbigenalp to the summit.

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