Blumenberg Tschachaun at the hitchhiker's hut

The Tschachaun is a 2334 m high peak of the Lechtal Alps. The inconspicuous grass mountain lies near the Anhalter Hut in the area of the Hahntennjoch Pass. The Tschachaun is characterised by the diversity and richness of Alpine flowers. It is not without reason that it is called the Tchachaun Mountain of Flowers. In addition, climbing the summit is relatively easy and therefore feasible for less experienced climbers. At the foot of the Tschachaun lies the hitchhiker's hut at an altitude of 2200 m. The Alpenvereinshütte is an excellent place to stop for refreshments and as a base. Famous peaks near the Tschachaun are the Namlos Wetterspitze, the Maldongrat and the Falschkogel. The easiest way to the summit of the Tschachaun starts at the pass summit of the Hahntennjoch. On the pass at an altitude of 1894 m, a marked path begins in a northeasterly direction. The path immediately leads into an extensive mountain pine field. At almost 2200 m you reach Steinjöchl. On the other side of the yoke the path, in some places secured with ropes, leads down towards the hitchhiker's hut. Afterwards the path leads past the Anhalter hut to the Kromsattel and then along the steep grassy flanks up to the Tschachaun. The way back is the same as the way there. Alternatively you can also descend to Namlos or Bschlabs. (Photos: Esther Kerber)

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