Jöchelspitze - Rothornspitze - Strahlkopf

Jöchelspitze, Rothornspitze and Strahlkopf are three peaks of the Allgäu Alps. The three neighbouring peaks are located in a tributary of the Hornbach chain near Bach in the Lech valley.

Rise to the Jöchelspitze

We started the tour at the valley station of the Lechtaler Bergbahnen in Benglerwald/Bach. The chairlift took us to an altitude of 1800 m. From there we walked along the botanical nature trail up to the Lachenkopf, 1945 m high. The Lachenkopf is an insignificant grass summit on the way to Jöchelspitze. Afterwards we climbed up to the 2226 m high Jöchelspitze on a well marked path. This summit is clearly the most visited of these three summits.

Jöchelspitze to Rothornspitze

From the summit of Jöchelspitze the path leads in a northerly direction down to the 2158 m high Rothornjoch. The Rothornjoch is the deepest point between Jöchelspitze and Rothornspitze and our starting point for climbing the Rothornspitze. We followed the Pfasspuren along the south flank and ascended without a path over the south-west ridge to the 2393 m high Rothornspitze. The summit is relatively rarely visited and marked with a small wooden cross. The outlook is excellent, though.

Rothorn tip to blast head

Rothorn tip to blast head

The blasting head is the northernmost peak of this group of three. From the top of the Rothornspitze we descended over the north ridge in rugged terrain to the Gumpensattel. The 2262 m high Gumpensattel connects these two peaks and is the starting point for climbing the Strahlkopf. From Gumpensattel we walked along ascending tracks in northern direction to the 2389 m high Strahlkopf.

to starting point

After a long rest we descended to the Gumpensattel. Afterwards we went below the Rothornspitze to the Rothornjoch and along the Lechtaler Panoramaweg over the Lachenkopf to the top station of the Lechtaler Bergbahnen.

These three peaks of the Allgäu Alps are grass mountains. Because of the danger of slipping in the steep grass flanks, dry weather should prevail for this tour. Special care should be taken as there are no marked paths on the Rothornspitze and the blasting head. (Photos: Laura Kerber)

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