Lechtaler Höhenweg: from Ansbacher Hütte to Memminger Hütte

The fourth stage of the Lechtaler Höhenweg runs from Ansbacher Hütte to Memminger Hütte. With almost 900 m difference in altitude between the highest and lowest point and more than 1000 meters of ascent, this stage is one of the most strenuous, but also one of the most beautiful stages of the Lechtaler Höhenweg. Particularly impressive is the fabulous panorama in the untouched Parseiertal in the middle of the Lechtal Alps. The trail starts at the Ansbacher Hut and immediately crosses steep grassy slopes to the north. After crossing the Kopfscharte, the trail leads along scree and debris over the Winterjöchl to the Grießlscharte. At 2632 m, the Grießlscharte is the highest point of this stage. On the other side of the ridge the path leads down into the Langkar in an easy climb in a chimney with rope insurance. The trail leads along a good path, first into rocky terrain, later in the grass and finally through the forest, down towards Parseiertal. After crossing the Parseierbach stream, the route immediately climbs uphill again through several places on the other side of the valley with rope insurance. After crossing several ravines and meadows you reach the 2242 m high Memminger Hütte. The ascent from this stage takes about five to six hours. Highlights of this tour are certainly the indescribable panoramas of the Freispitz Group and the view of the Wetterspitz Group and the Verwall Mountains. The Memminger Hütte is open from the end of June to the end of September. In addition to the Lechtaler Höhenweg, the Memminger Hütte is also a base on the E5 long-distance hiking trail and is therefore well visited. Reservations are therefore recommended.

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