Mountain guide from Madau to Ansbacher Hütte

Photos from the tour from Madau through the Parseiertal to the Grießlscharte and on to the Ansbacher Hut. The descent was through the Alperschon valley back to Madau.


From Madau you can walk or take a scheduled taxi to the "Memminger Hütte" car park. Here begins a narrow path that leads into the Parseiertal. At about 1700 m above sea level you reach the connecting path between the Memminger Hütte and the Ansbacher Hütte, which you follow towards Ansbacher Hütte. From here the trail begins to get steeper. At about 2000 m you reach the sheep devil, a cattle shelter with shepherd's hut below a rocky outcrop. The path towards Ansbacher Hütte branches off to the left a few metres before the Schafgufel. We continue on a well marked path through the Langkar towards Grießlscharte. The last part before the 2632 m high Grießlscharte is very steep and with rope insurance. From the Grießlscharte it goes without great loss of altitude to the nearby 2528 m high Winterjöchl and on to the Kopfscharte (2484 m). From the Kopfscharte the path leads in a few minutes to the 2376 m high Ansbacher Hut. Alternatively, one can also descend into the Alperschon valley without visiting a hut. The way back to Madau leads over the Flarschjoch (2464 m) and through the Alperschon valley to Madau in about 3 hours. For the whole tour you should plan about 8 to 10 hours. The tour can also be done in the opposite direction.



Madau - Car Park Memminger Hütte - Parseiertal - Schafgufel - Grießlscharte - Winterjöchl - Kopfscharte - Ansbacher Hütte - Flarschjoch - Alperschontal - Madau

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